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EZPack Water Storage & Distribution

Manufacturer of water storage, transportation and distribution systems.

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Innovasis Hotels

A force for good.

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Leading Medical Cannabis Producer in Puerto Rico.

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ikioo Technologies, Inc

ikioo® specializes in innovative artificial intelligence healthcare technologies.

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DaMa Pharmaceutical

DaMa Pharmaceutical is a CRO for clinical trials

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Viejo San Juan Comunidad Fund

Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund, invests in America's most livable neighborhood protected as a World Heritage Site with rising rents and property values in a no property tax historic zone.

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Green Acres Holdings, LLC

Green Acres is a Puerto Rican company established to acquire and develop properties on the island.

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Meru Capital

Culturally sensitive, sustainable resort developments in sacred places across Asia.

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Culebra Life

Opportunity Zone: Culebra Life style on the Last Virgin dry land resort, marina and residences

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