Catalyst Partners


Multi-industry Fund

Asset Class

Private Equity

Value of Investment

EGP 300,000,000

Catalyst Partners has launched Catalyst Capital II, a Pre-IPO investment fund, which invests in fast-growing medium sized/family companies with the objective to exit each investment through an initial public offering within 1.5-3 years. Focused on developing medium-sized enterprises and family businesses in Egypt, Catalyst Capital II functions as a catalytic agent for growing businesses, simultaneously fostering and monitoring expansion to ensure a sustainable future for it's partners.

Impact Investment- Catalyst Capital II for Family Businesses and SME's

Catalyst Capital II following the legacy of its previous funds will generate a measurable, beneficial social impact alongside an impressive financial return.

After the Egyptian revolution, the government focused its resources on Medium and Family businesses to achieve its political and economic goals through creating a more attractive business environment and tackle unemployment, inflation, increase foreign direct investment, and accelerate GDP growth. To encourage socially responsible investing there are no barriers of entry nor bureaucracy, this creating a fertile soil for Medium and Family businesses to grow.

Egyptian Law of Protection of Competition and Prevention of Monopoly Practices was founded to protect the small and medium enterprises from the severe power of the corporates. 

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