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CD Media Honest • In-Depth • Revealing: Creative Destruction Media covers news you need to know RIGHT NOW in the U.S. and in high-interest regions around the world.

We can all agree the legacy media in the West has lost all credibility in the last decade.  CD Media is a disruptive new outlet that aims to take business from entities who have become nothing but propaganda vehicles.  


Our research has shown there is a massive opportunity with target market of over 260 million people.  Modeled financials in 2022 of $12mm+ EBITDA and high growth already established.


With global reach and infrastructure long ago developed and in place, we believe additional revenue streams such as corporate intelligence are not factored in and can be accretive.  We see the 2020 US presidential election as a catalyst for growth by participating in lucrative political advertising.  CD Media aims to become a new global wire service without the 'progressive' spin.



The mission at Tsionizm is be the world’s primary online resource for up-to-date information on Zionism, the national movement of the Jewish People and its crowning achievement, the old-new State of Israel.

Tsionizm will tell the amazing story of Israel and the Jewish People truthfully, avoiding all types of hype and propaganda. 

Through astute and timely historical, geopolitical, military, social, religious, and cultural analysis and commentary, we will bring our readers into the world of a people and a country that arose from the ashes of genocide.

We will tell the story of a nation reassembling itself in its ancient homeland, which through its struggles and travails is showing the world that it is possible to be both tough and compassionate, traditional and modern, nationalistic and pluralistic, tribal and diverse.


Based in the United States, the mission at Tsarizm is to provide breaking international news, analysis, and opinion, with a primary focus on Russia, the former Soviet republics, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East, although other regions may be discussed. In other words, the territory once ruled by the tsars. We are not pro-Russian or anti-Russian, nor pro-Ukrainian, or anti-Ukrainian. We are pro-truth.

We do not support dictatorship but simply are attempting to provide information on the area, especially to the West, which we see as vastly uneducated on these issues. We present opinions from all sides. Readers can make up their own minds.  

We have reporters in many former Soviet, Eastern European countries and are adding more every day. On Tsarizm, you’ll find information on breaking news, culture, travel, opinion, and analysis of the region.

Exit Balkans

The Balkans have traditionally been a very volatile corner of the world, sparking many world wars, hence the term Balkanization.  This phenomenon is not abating, but growing stronger as tensions between Kosovo, Serbia and elsewhere simmer while the world ignores to its detriment.


Exit Balkans will eventually cover the entire region with analysis, opinion, breaking news, culture and travel.  Exit is also developing a corporate intelligence arm as an additional revenue source.  As fissures between East and West continue to grow, the Balkans will be again at the forefront of world history; we are sure of that and will be ready when it happens.


New Asia Site Coming Soon

CD Media is in the process of standing up a new site on Asian geopolitics.  We have staff in Vietnam already hired and are developing the offering.  The site will mirror much of what we have done elsewhere in the world, with a focus on China, the big elephant in the room.  We estimate this site will be highly accretive to revenue and credibility of CD Media.  Estimated online in Oct 2019.


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