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DaMa Pharmaceutical LLC is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) developing clinical trial software to assess cannabis-based products through a proprietary App.

Dama Pharmaceutical LLC, headquartered in Old San Juan, Peurto Rico was founded to develop enterprise software to conduct clinical trials on product efficacy. The Clinical Trial App maybe deployed anywhere to further the knowledge base of cannabis-based medicine through an open sourced decentralized autonomous organization (DOA)

The name Dama means medical cannabis in Chinese where it has been an integral part of medicine for over 4000 years. 

DaMa Trial App and Ecosystem


It is DaMa’s intention to develop several standardized cannabis trial protocols, both for medical and recreational product which can be used anywhere by clinical practitioners to collect an ever-increasing amount of data on the effects of cannabis on humans.  The data collection is owned by the trial sponsor, be it a physician, government organization, or a cannabis product manufacturer.

The altruism of creating a public body of knowledge on the effects of cannabis on humans is not lost by the economics of using the trials to generate sales.






DaMa Pharma Management

STEPHEN INGLIS, Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is an investment banking pioneer in digital securities and currently the CEO of InPortal Private Markets. 

After twenty years on Wall Street serving in senior roles at Morgan Stanley, Robert Fleming-JP Morgan, and as Head of Investment Banking for WestLB Pacific in Tokyo, Stephen founded Enclave Capital in 2007, growing it into America’s premier chaperone broker representing twenty-six foreign investment banks.  During his tenure as CEO of Enclave Stephen was actively involved in life sciences including bringing pharmaceuticals and medical devices to market.  In addition, as CEO at Enclave, he formed a JV with Deep Value to operate one of two New York Stock Exchange sanctioned algorithms commanding sixty percent of floor traded volume.

Stephen is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds a Master’s in Economics from the University of British Columbia.


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