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EZPack Water Ltd. is an Israeli company manufacturing and marketing proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and mobility. The company's products have diverse applications such as water utility delivery, a water payment App, emergency water supply, fire fighting, disaster relief, agriculture, and a myriad of other applications. To fund immediate expansion needs, EZPack is offering $500,000 in Convertible Notes, in conjunction with a $5 million Series A raise.


EZPack has developed the Water Storage & Distribution System (WSDS) – the most advanced system for potable water supply. WSDS is the ultimate solution for water supply in various situations.

WSDS is approved by the Israeli Water Utilities for water distribution in emergency situations. EZPack is supplying the WSDS to the municipalities and water authorities in Israel.

Products and Systems


EZPower™ - an off-grid cold and hot water storage unit. The power generation is based on green energy sources. The EZPower™ can be implemented and adapted to various applications and makes off-grid systems cost-effective and easy to install and operate. The EZPower™ includes up to 24,000-liter (6,000-gallon) bladder for water heating and cooling applications.

EZPack has a full line of pillow (“bladder”) water tanks from 10 liters (2.5 gallons) up to 24,000 liters (6,000 gallons). The EZPack water tank is built from 2 layers: the outside layer – very rigid PVC that can endure harsh terrains; the inside layer – an inner insert made of food-graded material approved for storing drinking water. The inner-insert is the most advanced water product for emergency use, and it is based on EZPack proprietary design and concept. EZPack products line is a comprehensive solution for water distribution – easy to store; quick to install; low cost. The WSDS does not require any maintenance and require very small space when stored.




2-layers bladders










JerryFlex™ - Jerry-Can Replacement - The JerryFlex™ is a 20 liter/5 gallon 2 layers bladder that is aimed to replace the standard rigid jerry-can.

FlexCon™ & HipoKit™

FlexCon™ - 24,000 liter in 20’ Container









HipoKit™ - Conversion kit for flatbed truck or trailer


Spider™ - Detachable Mobile Water Unit

The Spider™ replaces the old Buffalo. It is a mobile water unit on trailer or truck, which can be place in the field and free the vehicle for other missions.

EZStack™ - Multi bladders storage

The Lagoon™ line

Water storage for 4WD, pickups and SUVs

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