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Green Acres Holdings LLC Series: Jose Mercado Farm , is one of a series of Puerto Rican limited liability companies established to acquire and develop agricultural properties. The Jose Mercado Farm development will have a crop portfolio with 2 acres of plantains, 25 acres of bamboo, 12 acres of turmeric, 20 acres of vanilla orchids, 10 acres of mangosteens, 10 acres of rambutan & 6 acres of longan.

The Fund's holdings will form a portfolio of properties whose value and cash flows will be increased through creative development and marketing seeking a sustainable return while preserving capital.

The value proposition for Puerto Rican agricultural land is compelling. Much of the prime farm land lies fallow, and with the local Puerto Rican and US Department of Agriculture incentives, opportunities abound. The Fund targets land that can be purchased and planted at less than $10,000 per acre and within seven years have a cash flow of $40,000 per acre. Green Acres strives to produce the highest quality crops without denigrating the land.

Puerto Rico produces very little of its own food. After decades of industrialization, the U.S. territory imports more than 80 percent of what's consumed on the island. The signs are clear, though, the trend is changing. Puerto Rico can also offer new exotic fruit varieties from starfruit to mangosteens currently sourced from Asia, and delicious new fruits like abiu to be introduced to the tables of the U.S. mainland. Prior to 1898, Puerto Rican highland coffee was Europe's favorite, and is due for renaissance.

The Fund is designed to accommodate The EB-5 Investor Visa Program for permanent United States residency. The EB-5 criteria is met by creating 10 jobs per $500,000 investment for a period of two years and the investment being an economic going concern for at least five years to ensure US residency for a applicant's immediate family. Acquisitions for the Fund will provide discrete $500,000 investment opportunities for EB-5 investors to have their applications submitted at the time of investment.

Green Acres Holdings LLC is domiciled in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and as such is has particular exemptions  from US Federal tax. Furthermore, investors who choose to take up residency on the enchanted island of Puerto Rico may apply to be exempt from Federal tax while dependents are free to live anywhere in the United States.

Las Marias Sustainable Bamboo Processing and Exotic Fruit Farm

Located on 45 acres of some of the best farm land in Las Marias, western Puerto Rico, good soil and topography with creeks, a waterfall, and a swimming hole, plus extensive highway frontage make this an ideal land acquisition. Almost all the land can be used for cultivation. Currently, only two acres of plantains are in production yielding $15,000 a year.

These 45 acres will be planted with 25 acres of bamboo and a variety of exotic fruits. Concurrently, while the land is being planted, a bamboo flooring factory and sales outlet will be constructed with an output of 430,000 square feet per year, followed by a fruit processing plant in year 3.

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