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Series A $5 million>> minimum investment $25,000
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InfiniDome protects autonomous and connected vehicles' wireless communication. InfiniDome provides front-end cyber solutions protecting wireless communications from jamming and spoofing attacks. The company's first product, GPSdome, protects against jamming and spoofing of GPS-based systems, which are critical for autonomous vehicles, drones and connected fleets. GPSdome has been successfully proven in the field and sold to various customers globally.


What We Need

$5M @ $20M valuation.

We need 5 million USD in order to achieve our R&D roadmap and become sustainable by 2020. The investment we offer is in $25K USD units with a pre money valuation of $20 million USD.

Funds raised will be used for sales , marketing and R&D. The funds will be allocated to scale up our marketing efforts and develop the best channel partners network around the world. Furthermore, proceeds will help us achieve our R&D roadmap and become sustainable by 2020.

Technology Born in the Military - Reinvented

GPSdome uses multiple antennas to detect the direction of the interference. It then combines the data from the antennas into a single antenna pattern which nulls out the effect of the interference. In short, it "cancels out the noise" of the jammer or spoofer, allowing the GPS system to stay locked on the genuine GPS signal.

GPSdome units deployed worldwide.

GPSdome's assembly line is up and running since June 2018. Our product is manufactured completely in Israel. We view this as a great advantage since it lets us have the best Quality Control for the entire process and a yield of 100%. No faulty units in the field.

In under 4 months, sales are over $150K with close to 100 units sold into drone protection (for defense and HLS applications including the IDF), into fleet protection (mainly high-value cargo protection) and with autonomous platform developers (including Intel/Mobileye).


Jamming GPS is as easy as buying headphones online.

The GPS is comprised of 31 satellites orbiting at 20,000KM above earth. They are so far away that by the time their signal reaches earth it's about as powerful as a 20W lightbulb lit in LA that you're trying to see in NYC.

Jammers used to be a military weapon until a few years ago but now started popping up online for $20. They simply overpower the GPS signal and create a GPS denial attack.

Spoofers, also available for less than $100 online, transmit false GPS data and could trick the GPS system into thinking it's someplace else.

We are a deep tech patented technology company. The Quad-Frequency Multi Null Steering Anti Jammer is infiniDome's patented technology (has over 30 different claims). By developing our own ASIC, we are able to perform accurate, real time phase shifting and with our proprietary algorithm implemented on a DSP we have unmatched flexibility to bring to the world a first of its kind cyber product.



Autonomous vehicles depend on GPS data. This data today is exposed to threats.


Autonomous vehicles depend on GPS for navigation. Even though multiple sensors are being integrated today for safety measures such as LiDARs, Radars, Inertial Navigation Systems, Cameras and HD Maps, none of them, not even combined, could replace the accuracy and efficiency of GPS.

GPS is also used today for accurate timestamps which are needed for communication (V2V).

A simple GPS jammer will cause the car's position accuracy and time to deteriorate dramatically to a point where it can't navigate or communicate autonomously.

A smarter spoofing attack will mislead the car into potentially life-threatening situations.


infiniDome was mentioned several times in the media and in key market reports



 Meet the infiniDome Team


In the media:

In the latest market report of GPS anti-jamming:

infiniDome mentioned as one of the "Key Players" in the 2018 MarketsandMarkets™ "ANTI-JAMMING MARKET FOR GPS GLOBAL FORECAST TO 2023" alongside companies like Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, Harris, NovAtel etc. infiniDome is categorized as the only company focused on GPS protection for commercial applications such as autonomous and unmanned commercial vehicles in what is predicted to be a $5.5B market in several years.

A one-stop-shop protecting all wireless data an autonomous or unmanned vehicle needs.

Anything wireless can be jammed – Much like GPS, there are other wireless communication protocols that an autonomous vehicle will require such as cellular (be it LTE or even 5G) or V2V (which will be WiFi or cellular). Already today a $50 jammer is available online which jams all of these which render an autonomous car or drone, dead in the water.

In 2021, based on our patented algorithm, infiniDome will create RFdome: a one-stop-shop which protects all-things-wireless the autonomous vehicle needs to work.


Other anti-jamming solutions are expensive, heavy and military.

The GPS anti-jamming solutions in market today focus on the $4B military market. Their products require military export license, and they are about 5X the size of GPSdome, 10X the weight and 20X the price.

GPSdome's competitive advantages are its unmatched SWaP (Size Weight & Power), performance and affordable price. Unlike the other anti-jamming solutions in the market, GPSdome does not require a military export license making it relevant to the commercial transportation and auto industries.

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