Innovasis Hotels


Sustainable Hospitality

Asset Class

Private Equity

Value of Investment

$3 million in Seed Funding

Innovasis Hotels is a revolutionary concept in hotel design and guest experience. The first of ten planned hotels will start construction in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2019. Innovasis Hotels will issue a Community Tranche through an investment offering of up to $3 million through a Reg S off-shore share offering in digital securities to members of the Innovasis community. Following this Community Tranche Innovasis will make an Opportunity Zone offering through a Reg D 506 (C) offering to accredited investors.


The name Innovasis come from Innovative Oasis.  It is forward thinking, advanced, and modern.
It is based on values of protecting nature, zero waste, community-centric, and uses solutions that have not been applied in these ways before. 

The Puerto Rico flagship property: total construction cost for the 400 room hotel -$45.6 Million, on 30 acres  (12 ha) of pristine land, creating 131 jobs.

$17 Million USD first year. 60% occupancy rate.
$40 Million USD 10th year 90% occupancy rate.

Innovasis Puerto Rico is expected to achieve an $81 Million USD net profit within 10 years with an IRR of 19%.

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Innovasis is a very inspiring place to be in. It not
only has advanced technology and is a place of
inspiration, but it’s also is a force for good. It
attracts amazing people that will enjoy the fun
and the good vibes atmosphere surrounding the

These hotels are designed for Millennials, digital
nomads, and others that place value in the
experience. This is why the cost per capsule
starts at $35 USD per night! Breakfast costs $12
USD. These prices can't be beat and is a major
reason why Innovasis is the first choice for our

Coworking Spaces!

If you need to work, answer emails, get on a conference call, focus, or just read a book in a quiet
space, we have you covered !!
Beautiful, creative, workspaces designed to meet the needs of  those who are constantly on the
-     Free Open space, free breakout rooms for privacy
-     Affordable conference rooms
-     Affordable meeting rooms
-     Perfect space for hosting startup conferences and meetups!

Innovasis Co-Working spaces also include several small
break-out rooms to allow our Digital Nomad Freelancer customers to have quick access to privacy as needed.

Sustainable Hospitality

Our big focus was not only on
sustainability but also on
independence and technology. The
number of modular farms we put
in our business plan can feed up to
350 people daily. This creates
additional savings in food
production but it is also a symbol
of the future and innovation.

Innovasis will be the first chain of hotels that
is completely powered by solar and does
not need a connection to any grid.
Everything from the electric jet skis, to
the electric water boiler is all powered
by the sun.
We have calculated that a facility of this
size will need 7 gwh per year on 
9 acres of land, and create up to $1.7
million USD in savings per year.

On the grounds the hotel we will
establish a medical center. We invite
doctors to stay for free in our
amazing facilities in exchange of their
work for local communities. These
clinics will offer first aid and full
treatment. They will also serve as
Education Centres, to help educate
locals about their own health care.


There are over 2.5 billion millennials worldwide and 80 million in the United States alone.

Millennials account for about $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending and
have recently become the largest segment in the workforce. This means they will
become an even stronger and increasingly important economic factor.
● Experience is everything. More than 3 in 4 Millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event.
● Millennials crave more experiences: More than 8 in 10 of all millennials (82%) attended or participated in a live experience in the past year.

The Innovasis Hotels project offers access to fun activities that every millennial is dreaming about! Underwater scooters, electric jet skis, water skis, kayaks,
surfing, and more!

And if you'd rather stay on dry land, Innovasis will offer a full range of outdoor experiences: ATV trips on the Island, Electric scooter rental, Paintball, and Outdoor Treasure hunt games.


A Crypto Paradise Operated on Blockchain

Innovasis will be accepting all major
cryptocurrencies, including our own Ethereum based hotel  token called HCI, that will be a primary
payment method for all the activities, food, capsules etc. Of course, we will accept payments with fiat and credit cards, but we will make sure that people will love using our HCI coin.
Guest will be happy to get a few extra nights stay, because the token value has gone up. It is great for the guest and also great for the hotel because of savings on credit card transaction fees and bank fees, and it is an amazing loyalty program. 

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