Mariana Bio Science



Asset Class

Private Equity

Value of Investment

$10 million

Development of cannabis plants to be genetically specific to human diseases and production of compatible varieties.

Mariana’s scientists - geneticists and molecular biologists, are world class leaders in their respective fields, with over 30 years of experience in genetic research and biometry. This vast and extensive experience makes Mariana Bio Science a global pioneer in the field of genetic research of the cannabis plant and will allow us to develop unique and stable varieties. These varieties will contain properties specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of the market, allowing growers to double and even triple profits, promoting R&D of new cannabis-based pharmaceutical products.


Mariana is seeking to raise 7-10 million USD at a pre-money valuation of 40 million USD.

Global Presence

Bio-Tech Cannabis Farm, Oregon

  • Breeding & stabilization center
  • Production of a resource population, made of highly variable cannabis plants, originated from four different sub-species
  • Size of the farm is 72 acres and holds water rights


Bio-Tech R&D Laboratory, Israel

  • Indoor cleanrooms
  • Laboratories for testing and experimentation
  • Laboratory size is 200 square meters


At the End of Our Genetic Research

Mariana will provide cannabis varieties on demand

  • Stabilized strains
  • Maximized flower quantity
  • Pre-ordered cannabinoid concentration
  • Flavors and fragrances by order
  • Products supplied as plants or as tissue extracts

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