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Posada Culebra is a return to a Caribbean lifestyle of leisure in a luxuriant self-sufficient enclave. The natural beauty of Isla Culebra, just minutes by plane from Puerto Rico, with world renowned Flamenco Beach, and one the best safe haven harbors in the Caribbean, defines the location. The enclave plan includes 20 private residences, a 30 room lodge with restaurants, co-workspaces, spas, a marina, and 24 affordable housing units, all off-grid and with an organic farm.






The Land


Posada Culebra LLC is currently under a letter of intent to appraise and enter in to contract, by Oct 10th, to buy into the shovel ready project  surveyed with paved roads, water, sewage, underground power-lines, and a cell tower.   The intrinsic value of the location significantly de-risks the project, banking equity value on day one. The project with the infrastructure and hotel permits in place is in an advanced stage of development with a short timeline to completion.

The Project

The Culebra property is approximately 38 acres with eastern Caribbean views. The Puerto Rico Planning Board authorized: 1) a 30 room hotel on a 16,000 square meters plot, 2) 41 lots for residential-tourist villas, with two villas built and, 3) 24 residential units for low income Culebra residents.

All infrastructure work has been completed; paved   streets; water and sewer; electric power, and telephone lines. All utilities have been installed underground

Opportunity Zone and HospItality Tax Stacked Benefits

Culebra Life as a Puerto Rican Opportunity Zone project allows investors to defer capital gains for 5 years with an increase basis of 10% for holding the investment for 5 years; 15% for 7 years and a total deferral after 10 years. 

A hospitality hotel license has already been approved for the Culebra Life project where  Act 74 offered by the Government of Puerto Rico offers hotels and other leisure focused developments the following incentives: 

10% of the invested amount as tax credits

Up to 90% tax exemption on income tax (100% tax exemption if business is located in Vieques or Culebra).

100% tax exemption on alternative minimum taxes and additional income taxes on undistributed income;

90% tax exemption from personal property taxes.

90% tax exemption from real property taxes.

Up to 100% tax exemption on excise tax on imported goods;

Up to 100% tax exemption on sales and use tax; and

Up to 100% tax exemption on municipal construction excise tax

Together these benefits make Culebra Life and investment worthy of a closer look.

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Fresh Leafy Greens and Strawberries from Posada Culebra's Farm

When docking at Posada Culebra after weeks at sea, or just a short ferry ride,  guests will appreciate the availability of fresh leafy greens, herbs, strawberries, and assorted fresh fruits and vegetables available all year round. The Greenery Container Farm can grow an abundance of produce for residents with a surplus to be sold to the community from its 48-foot platform.     

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