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Posada Culebra is a return to a Caribbean lifestyle of leisure in a luxuriant self-sufficient enclave. The natural beauty of Isla Culebra, just minutes by plane from Puerto Rico, with world-renowned Flamenco Beach, and one of the best safe haven harbors in the Caribbean, defines the location. The Posada Culebra plan includes 20 villas, a 30 room lodge with an elegant restaurant, co-working-spaces, spas, a marina, and 24 affordable housing units, all off-grid and with an organic farm. Tokenized equity in Posada Culebra LLC is expected to be $10 million of the total $26 million development cost and will trade on Nexus Puerto Rico private market.

In the new world of the COVID pandemic and pandemics that will follow, Posada Culebra is an enclave offering lifestyle with safety providing a corporate working environment or along with all the activities of a vacation paradise.   Posada Culebra LLC in negotiations to purchase the land and the existing infrastructure with the all important issued permits.

The land is surveyed with paved roads, water, sewage, underground power-lines, and a cell tower, with four villas already built.   This in-place infrastructure and hotel permits provide intrinsic value and significantly de-risks the project which is already in an advanced stage of development with a short timeline to completion.  The development, once initiated, will be entitled to Puerto Rico Tourism Company tax credits of 30% of the total value of the project, including the land, for a total estimated outlay of $26 million.  These tax credits are paid over three years and can be tokenized and traded at a small discount for cash to Puerto Rican companies seeking tax relief.





The Land, The Permits, & The Incentives


The Culebra property is approximately 38 acres with eastern Caribbean views. The Puerto Rico Planning Board authorized: 1) a 30 room hotel on a 16,000 square meters plot, 2) 41 lots for residential-tourist villas, with two villas already built and, 3) 24 residential units for low income Culebra residents.  The survey of lots shows the roads which are already in place and servising the two existing villas.

As can be seen from the areal photograph, the property is on a hill with horseshoe shaped valley with easterly views to the Caribbean.  The marina is planned to be at the head of bay a short walk from the property entrance.

The hotel and villas will be eligible for 30% tax credits after the first year for the full value of the project including the land. The 24 units social housing units are considered part of the tourism project costs, but are also eligible for a variety of additional tax credits. The secondary market for tax credits in Puerto Rico is robust and Posada Culebra LLC will monetize the tax credits and list them on the Inportal Kanga Exchange as financial instruments to secure mezzanine financing.

This architectural rendering of the hotel has detailed schematic drawings which can be found in the deal room and will be modified to include a co-working space with meeting rooms and a patio restaurant with spectacular views and a constant sea breeze.


Together these benefits make Posada Culebra an investment worthy of a closer look. Apply for Membership for access to the due diligence room to review original documents.



Sol Nest, the Developer

Sol Nest, is joining as a one-third partner of Posada Culebra LLC to build and develop the property. Given the high cost of construction, Sol Nest's concrete building method make the project feasible.   The Sol Nest homes can withstand hurricane winds of 250 mph. 

  • Sol Nest has reconfigured materials into a pre-cast system that is up to 300% stronger and can be built in one-third the time when compared to conventional block and mortar construction.
  • A critical component of Sol Nest's building method uses Basalt Filament Rebar. Basalt reinforcement will not rust or have a chemical reaction with water which is the largest failure with traditional concrete construction.
  •  Sol-Nest, LLC homes can be  built with a prefabricated utilities integrated building core (UIBC) system. This is a one site utility hook-up. This lowers the cost of building by allowing all power, sewage and water to enter into one place within the home, and homes can be built “off the grid” utilizing solar power.
  • The simplified construction technique will permit the hiring of employees locally, and eliminate the need to import skilled construction workers. 

The low Sol Nest construction costs permit a budget for high end interior and exterior finishing for the villas which will conform to the hotel's styling.  The 24 unit social housing units which will be comprised of six four-plex buildings, will have a three interior design finishings to differentiate the units 

Sol Nest has been working with our architectural landscaper to transform the native scrub brush into a sustainable organic ecosystem with orchards of fruit bearing papaya, coconut and mango trees irrigated by a solar pump drawing water from the natural pond.  Roadways will be lined with purple turmeric and red flowering ginger plants.   





Fresh Leafy Greens and Strawberries from Posada Culebra's Farm

Guests staying at the villas or dining at the hotel's restaurant will appreciate the availability of fresh leafy greens, herbs, strawberries, and assorted fresh fruits available all year round. The Greenery Container 48 foot container Farm can grow an abundance of produce with the surplus to be sold to local Culebra residents and grocery stores. 

This container farm will certainly be a draw for sailors to come into the marina for fresh provisions after weeks at sea.  

It is anticipated that this farm operation can generate $20,000 per month in sales as is shown the pro forma financials presented in the due diligence room.   

Posada Culebra's Marina and Recreation, Diving, Fishing and Beachcombing

Key to the Posada Culebra life-style concept is the affiliation to the Caribbean.  The plan includes both a high speed power boat to ferry guests directly to Puerto Rico and to also be used for recreational excursions.  As well the plan includes the purchase of a 56 foot catamaran for diving trips to the local coral reefs, deep sea fishing or just relaxing beachcombing.  Access to the sea represents a key value proposition to attract guests. 

The marina and proximity to the hotel property will also be a draw for sailors cruising the Virgin Islands.  Culebra is only 12 miles from St. John and will be a destination to come on to dry land perhaps to conduct business, get supplies from the farm and relax in the enclave of Posada Culebra.

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