wisp -welliness your way



Asset Class

Pre IPO Private Equity

Value of Investment

$7.8m - $10.5m CDN

Pre-IPO 10% Convertible Debenture in $50,000 US and $65,000 CND denominations, offered on the world’s first pod-based cannabis vaporizing system. This is the first-ever suite of proprietary products designed to deliver consumer satisfaction and help people achieve their personal wellness goals, all while being easy to use and a great experience.


Current Raise

Funding History and Projection

Q1 2016

Seed Round

Q4 2016

Series A Round


Pro Forma  “Best Case” Scenario

Q4 2017/Q1 2018

Series A-1 Bridge Round (preferred)


2018 Plan and Use of Funds

2018 Market Launch

Market Launch

  • Massachusetts: mid-March
  • National - Bear Blend: mid-March
  • Colorado: May
  • Los Angeles: June - July
  • San Francisco: September - October
  • Canada: October - November


Use of Funds 2018

  • Advertising / Promotions per Market & National
  • Capital Equipment: Pod-filling (for resale)
  • Inventory: Wisp and Wisp Pods
  • Personnel: Sales, Partner Implementation, Finance
  • Product Development


  • Increased capitalization means greater market penetration and ability to enter more
    • Add target markets:
      • California expansion, Nevada, Arizona,

Florida, Maryland and New York in 2018

and early 2019



CannaKorp in Canada

Year 1

  • $2.7m Revenue
  • 8k CannaClouds
  • 1.7m+ cPods

Signed Agreement with top Licensed Producer: MEDRELEAF (tsx:LEAF)

  • National System
  • Allowed to Export
  • Most Advanced Market
    in the World
  • eCommerce and shipping
    (no retail stores)
The CannaCloud System



CannaKorp is revolutionizing the cannabis
experience for mainstream consumers, much
like Keurig and Nespresso did with portion
packs in the coffee industry. CannaKorp is
partnering with leading cannabis cultivators,
processors, and retailers to produce
CannaCloud pods that meet our quality
standards and will bring mainstream
customers into the cannabis market.
The CannaCloud system, by CannaKorp, will
offer consumers broad choices, ease of
purchase, and a reliable, consistent
experience - every time. As a patient once
told us, “you are taking this out of the dark
and into the light.” 

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